Empower. Connect. Heal!   

Yoga heals our communities. There are many options to be a part of the SOUL YOGA revolution! 

  • Kick off your event with a standing SOUL YOGA session. Or, add a breakout yoga session. Or, the one-two punch: Book me as a HOST and SOUL YOGA coach.

  • Create an intimate SOUL YOGA circle session with your women's group.

  • A customized one on one SOUL YOGA program .

  • Attend a SOUL/Yoga Class or event 

  • Grab your copy of the SOUL YOGA PROJECT on video (scroll down)

the soul yoga project
20 minute yoga quickie

this 20 minute yoga ‘quickie’ is the perfect intro to yoga for the beginner, or a quick pick me up any time of the day.

a centering ‘breath and blessings’ meditation
a spine tingling warm up
a soulful yoga sequence
a quick cool down.

this series of stretches, and powerful poses will gently create a strong, supple body and a calm, centered, clear mind. 

You get the SOUL YOGA workout, trailer, and starter's guide (PDF). When you buy, the materials go straight to your Dropbox!